How long have you been in business?

We have traded for over 5 years and have established ourselves as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of personalised clocks.

Do you only sell to the public?

No we sell to the trade and the public about a 50/50 split, you will have seen our clocks around a lot, but with someone elses name on the box.

I have seen cheaper clocks, why?

Like everything I am afraid you get what you pay for, if you pay cheap you get cheap, simple.  We design our own clocks and we have perhaps the biggest range of designs, which is growing continually.  We use high quality components, we supply a battery, and we print o high quality paper, using original manufacturer’s ink.  We aim for a high quality product to give you a high quality clock which will last ad last

What if your out of stock?

We have not been out of stock at all in the past 5 years since starting up, so not a problem, but no doubt there will be a first time one day.

Can I use my own image?

Of course you can, we need a high quality image which will give you the best reproduction on the clock.   When you place your order form it will tell you how.

Does it come with battery?

The clock needs a battery to work, so what is the point of not supplying one, so yes every clock has a branded battery.

What delivery service do you use?

We use at the moment The Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For service. We also can use the 1st Class service if you wish to upgrade.  Yes these services costs a little more than normal post but since we started in business over 5 years ago we have never lost a parcel, a record that The Royal Mail should be proud of and one we are pleased from our service point of view.  The vast majority of our parcels arrive the next day, but we cannot guarantee that level of service all the time.

Do you do any other size of clocks?

AIl our clocks currently are based on the same unique exclusive design,  in time we will be adding to our range, so we will be able to offer larger clock and smaller clocks.  We also have planned some more unusual clocks.

How soon can I expect delivery?

We test all of our clocks after production for 24-48  hours.  This is to ensure that when you receive your order you will not open it to find a clock that does not work, or it breaks down with a few days, this is something others do not do.  This does slow delivery a little but under the circumstances its a small price to pay.

I need my order like yesterday it is for my wife’s birthday?

We dispatch as quickly as we can anyway.  But if when you place your order you tell us if you are desperate we will do our best to ensure it is processed as quickly as we can.

Anything we missed ?   If you have  a question we haave not answered just email us at sales@photoclockworld.co.uk and we will do our best to help.